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Emerging Voices Blog

Dear Pastor Charles Worley: We Condemn Your Words of Hatred and Cruelty. REPENT!

No matter where you stand on the issue of gay marriage, there are some boundaries of human decency that should never be crossed. Never.

10 Reasons Why Men Should Not Be Ordained For Ministry

Regardless where you sit, stand, or wrestle with the issue of women in church leadership, I thought this satirical list was worth sharing for both laughter and even reflection because that’s what good satire forces us to do.

Racism, Moral Law and the Penn State Abuse Scandal

My heart is very heavy today as I read about the eight boys who were sexually assaulted by Gerald A. Sandusky in his home and in the locker rooms of the Penn State University campus. My soul deeply grieves to think that for more than 10 years the abuse was seen and known by others and overlooked.

Black Men and 'Jumping the Broom'

<p style="text-align: left;"><a href="http://blog.sojo.net/2011/06/22/black-men-and-jumping-the-broom/"></a>In one of <a href="http://blog.sojo.net/2011/05/20/bernard-hopkins-donovan-mcnabb-and-debun... target="_blank">my last blog posts</a> on God's Politics, I had some pretty strong opinions on the negative comments made by Bernard Hopkins about Donovan McNabb implying that McN

Am I Living the American Dream?

<em>We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal.</em></p>

I Met a White Man and He Couldn't Dance

<p>I attended a majority white high school in the late '70s and since that time my life has been one cross-cultural bowl of spaghetti. It tastes good but is really messy, sometimes sauce all over your shirt.</p>

Green My Hood

Is it possible to create a new economy in the hood that would create jobs, lower energy costs, reduce the carbon footprint of an urban neighborhood, and allow neighbors to get to know one another a

'A Black Man Would Never Be President'

When I was a kid I remember hearing and declaring that I could be anything I wanted to be, which included being the president of the United States.

Family Values: Ministry or 'Just Life'

I believe that every dedicated family following Jesus is a great instrument for the kingdom of God. A family serving together is a picture of God's love and grace.

The Democratic Nomination's Historic Significance

I have been watching the Democratic National Convention this week, and I think when Barack Obama gives his acceptance speech tonight it is going to be an important historic moment.