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Lisa Sharon Harper: Staying Peaceful, Despite Circumstances - Biola University Chapel

Lisa Sharon Harper: Peace Through Equality - Biola University Chapel

Soong-Chan Rah: Cultural Intelligence For a Changing Church

The Mutli-ethnic Church Conference 2103, Session 5 Sample - Soong-Chan Rah

2013 CCDA National Conference, Leroy Barber

A New Conversation

The Movement of One Day's Wages

@Sojourners Lisa Sharon Harper ( @lisasharper ) with #OccupyTheology thoughts at #wildgoose12

Tribal IDs Might Not Be Valid If MN Voter Restriction Amendment Passes

Mark Charles: "When you come to our Navajo people..."

No Game

Heaven & Earth - The Ordinary Radicals: Special Topics Vol 1 - Trailer

Rev Troy Jackson - Our nation needs a conversion moment

Troy Jackson Speaking Against Ohio SB5

Jesus' Third Way - 4 of 4 - military pack

Jesus' Third Way - 3 of 4 - strip in court when sued

Jesus' Third Way - 2 of 4 - turning cheek 1st century

Jesus' Third Way - 1 of 4 - payback, justice, revenge

ThinkFwd: EP011 Alexie Torres-Fleming

CCDA 2008 - Saturday Evening Plenary: Soong Chan Rah, Alexie Torres-Fleming